311079_10150323903331301_1590910186_nHello internet stranger, welcome to my blog. I have another blog (endofthegame.net) but it got a little bit messy, so I created this one (the one you’re reading now) out of a desire to bunker down somewhere free from the distractions of my many other interests separate from literature. This blog will focus like a laser on creative writing, which is where I hope to one day forge a living… its main purpose is to act as an online presence or portfolio of my written work; I also enjoy connecting with and receiving feedback from other writers. I am currently studying professional writing and editing at uni after dropping out of psychology. I am 22 years old (update, I am now 23 years old). Feel free to add me on goodreads, suss out my soundcloud, or follow me on tumblr. I will be posting book reviews and short stories. Introduce yourself in the comments below if you like, or if you’d rather not, you can choose to haunt my site silently instead.

For the curious kittens out there the name ‘pimpfreud’ comes from a random encounter I had with a couple of spanish DJs in Thailand. We were waiting for a delayed train at Surat Thani train station when we got to talking about Sigmund Freud and how if he were born in the 80s he would’ve likely ended up as a pimp and not a psychologist. At this point in the conversation we all looked at each other, and as if our minds had somehow collided and temporarily bonded we all shouted in unison, ‘PIMP FREUD!’ After much laughter we all agreed that whoever got a band together first had to call it Pimp Freud (because it rhymes with Pink Floyd!). As I never got around to getting a solid band started, this blog gets the name.

Back in '97, when life was easy.

Back in ’97, when life was easy.


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  1. Chasing some info led me to your endofthegame blog and then here. Excellent piece on the suicide forest in Japan. I had a similar experience with the Golden Gate Bridge when I worked in SF. Writing about it definitely helps with settling what lingers.

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